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"Viktor Maxckmillian is a man on a deadly mission: to find his dear wife, Audrianna, who has been kidnapped. For this he has turned to his old pack for help; the werewolves that Viktor has long cut off all ties.

However, Xin, Leader of the pack, is not impressed with Viktor’s comeuppance. He knows that when the shit hits the fan - they all come crawling back to Daddy. .."

Blurb, Do Or Die by E.R. Baine

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Yup, I don'e gone and did it now. Is this the end of the cocaine trade?

Is This the End of the Cocaine Trade?

The year is 2010. The Organization, a shadow world supremacy, has a council that meets in secret every five years to discuss the pressing plans of world domination. Such as deciding who they should install as the next president of the United States. When unbeknownst to them their worst enemy, the Pope, barges in and hijacks the meeting.

“Off with his head.”The head of the Organization thunders at his Chief of Security and third in command, Audrianna. She unleashes her roman sword more than willing to slice off his head when the Pope’s unique request steady’s her hand.  That they join forces to combat the cocaine trade.  

The head of The Organization is intrigued, but not by the proposal of his enemy but by his fallacy of presenting his helpless form before them. Will the impossible opportunity to vanquish their centuries old nemeses cause him to ignore the Pope’s plea?

Hmm. Number one, The Head of The Organization relents. He demands that in order for the council to take him seriously he must do one thing, give up the papacy and then and only then would they dine to entertain his presence. The next day the Pope agrees  to relinquish office. The Organization elects their own Pope to replace him. Effectively taking over the Vatican after centuries of war between them. And Number one turns to his Chief of Security to develop a plan to fight to destroy the cocaine trade once and for all.   

At first Audrianna shrugs the matter off as a whimsical fancy of the guy in charge, just to amuse himself in out witting the Vatican, and betraying them later.

Then Number One pays Audrianna a visit at home, a measure unheard of. Seated at her desk he glides his finger across the surface and picks up an ant with his index finger. “Are you serious about this endeavour Audrianna? No. This ant is serious.” He turns his finger this way and that. The ant travels around his finger’s tip. “Look at him how he manages to defy gravity like that. Look at his teeny, tiny legs. How long do you think it gets him to get to his destination? A day maybe two. Does he give up his perilous journey? No. You see this ant,” he wiggles his finger. “this ant is you.” Then he proceeds to squish the insect between his index and thumb. Mashing them together back and forth. “I’m serious as hell, if only to prove to the papacy that we are king. We rule over all things. God can give it, but we can take it away. We say there won’t be any cocaine. There won’t be any cocaine.”

He expects her to come up with a plan before the end of the year.

Audrianna, vampire-werewolf hybrid and the only living daughter of the last head of the council, develops a scheme that is so intrinsically comprehensive, outlandishly devious…but can it work? Will this be the end of the cocaine trade?

Based on the not yet popular book series Surreal Blue Rogue Agent. Written by Trinidadian Authoress E.R. Baine. The novel series is based on the lives of Supernatural Beings such as werewolves, shape shifters, vampires and demons that operate like regular humans living in the real world amongst us. It is a series filled with fantastical characters that are insanely enjoyable to read. Magnificently appealing to Millennials, Baby Boomers and Generation X by tackling one of the most incessant and insidious problems of all generations.

This has the potential to go viral if only because of the unconventional appeal of the guilty pleasure of escapism. Not only is the main storyline unheard of and has never been theorized, but the characters themselves being supernatural fantasy appeal to the world view of what everyone is interested in viewing at this point in time. Fantasy with an incorporated existential threat to human existence. Such as…Game of Thrones, and The Mandalorian.

And how did Audrianna determine on destroying the cocaine trade? By developing a cure for the plant species that would effectively make the plant’s alkaloid properties non psychoactive. Once one plant has been treated it does not take long for an entire crop to stop producing the psychoactive alkaloid.

Yet simply coming up with a way to destroy cocaine is not enough. The farming of the crop is fragmented. With pocket industries worldwide. It fuels many economies worldwide, legitimate institutions would argue against destroying a crop without considering the consequences. The pushback by the cartels would devastate the world, not mentioning making the The Organization’s members a target.

How should they introduce the compound into society without having to mitigate such conflicts?  By doing what the Organization does best. By secretly going to war, utilizing already established norms and systems within society and manipulation to induce others to act on their behalf. Just as when they introduced the HIV virus into the world decades before. Just as they started and ended the first and second world wars. They will end the cocaine trade.

A Maxckmillian never yields, never bends, and cannot be broken.

“Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. There is no doubt that Our Chief of Security, Number Three has failed us.”
Huh? Audrianna’s ears perked up. Someone talkin’ ‘bout moi?
Lincoln to her right grabbed her hand and tried to keep her steadfast as the secretary took the floor. Uninvited and unannounced. Audrianna whipped her hand free. And she glanced at him.  She put her hand up to indicate stop, she then placed her hand on her baby bump and then waved her index finger no to him. She turned her attention to the secretary who had hijacked the meeting. Determined to sit through the soliloquy silently.
She wasn’t going to get a rile out of her. Audrianna thought.
“We are seven years into our campaign to destroy the cocaine trade and yet we are no closer to the end of our secret struggle.”
Great, we’ve got a Marc Anthony on our hands here. 
“Eighty billion dollars, one million secret agents, fifteen thousand skirmishes, one hundred of our own men dead, where are the results. By all accounts the secret magical device that would be used to eliminate cocaine from the world absolutely, and with unbelievably marked assurity has not, and I dear say never will be brought before our very eyes.
Audrianna flexed her right hand. Mat and Lincoln on either side of her glanced at her nervously.
“We were promised the impossible. Something spectacular that even rivalled the sun, the moon and the stars. Where is it? We were given a map to sovereignty, where is our crown, our spear?”
Oh, I’ll give you a spear. Audrianna’s right hand slid closer to her sword at her side.
“Seven years ago when the pope came before us and prostrate himself begging us to join him once more  and rid the world of this cocaine at first I laughed, and as the organization bowed and took the knee - I cringed. Yet you forced him to capitulate and give up the papacy in return for your loyalty. Or risk your umbrage at his ambush.”
The secretary smashed her fist to her chest, “When he did step down I too quelled my protestations.”
“Of course like you all I believed it to be not possible. Yet our apprentice chief of security came back stoutly, and resolutely declared that it could and would be done.” She bowed her head, and nodded to Audrianna. “She had me too seeing stars. In nine years, nine years she said. It has been seven and the shipments of cocaine are replenishing world’s reserves now more than ever before. From where are we to derive hope, I pray to you, when the deed is assigned to none other to our young, inexperienced, dim-witted, apprentice of a Chief of Security…”
Vwip. The blade moved so fast even if you hadn't blinked you would not have seen it. There were audible gasps as everyone witnessed the secretary with the mask with the roman numerals XVIII on the forehead of the gold mask tilt forward, then sideways and topple over her body as it too collapsed to the floor. Blood spewing   from the exposed flesh of the neck and severed head. All heads turned towards Audrianna who was calmly preoccupied inspecting the blade of her gladius sword. She had moved so fast the blood did not have time to tardy the blade’s shiny finish.
“I do s-s-say Audrianna,” The head of The Organization spoke around his hard lisp. Manix, the white blonde haired man wearing The golden mask with the roman numeral I carved in the centre of the forehead quipped. “I do enjoy how you consolidate your power.” He waved his hand indicating the occupants seated around the room and the dead body. “It appears you have the floor.”
Audrianna nodded and stood.
“Presenting the Chief Of Security of The Organization and third in command. You shall refer to her as Number Three.” The head clapped three times before settling in his seat and looking onto her intently. 

“Great.” Audrianna answered harshly. She stood, slamming the blade onto the table. “It seemed like a lifetime ago that the pope,” Audrianna paused. “Prostrated himself before us. In this very room surprising us with his entreaty to assist him getting rid of cocaine. We acquiesced of course but only in jest and with the condition that he had to give up his position of head of the Vatican and secretly hand over his power to us. That only then would we offer an assist.” Audrianna folded her arms over her protruding belly, “To our surprise he did. We appointed a new pope, installed a representative of the Vatican on our council.” Audrianna nodded in Lincoln’s direction. He took the direction to stand up and bow to The Organization’s Council members. He sat back down. “And got to work in developing a wide ranging plan to destroy cocaine.”
“Yes-yes-yes,” Number one waved at her. “We know all of this already now let’s get to my part when I ordered you to help him and you stalled.”
Audrianna sighed deeply. Clearing her throat she turned to him. “You came to me and told me to figure out a way to get rid of cocaine in less than five years. And I told you impossible it could not be done.”
The head, Manix, interrupted her, “And I gave you four years to do it.
“And I told you it cannot be done.” She answered calmly.
“Then I came back at you and told you how about three.”
“That was months later and again I told you impossible.”
“Then I came back at you and said how about one.”
“And I told you a year later, that according to my calculations it would take approximately nine years to get rid of cocaine and destroy the cocaine trade.”
Manix leaned back into his seat. He nodded his approval.
Audrianna turned to two men in the far corner beyond the table. “Bring it.”
The two men in black with black shades lifted a narrow rectangular clay planter with four potted cocaine plants and brought it beside Audrianna on the desk.
Audrianna opened her arms as she turned to the plants. “Gentlemen, here, I present to you a live specimen of the four strains of Erythroxylaceae, the cocaine plant, less the enzyme that causes the chemical reaction that forms cocaine.”
“Please explain.” Manix coaxed.
“The XZ10 is a compound developed in our lab in Israel…
“No-no-no-no.” The head of the council pounded the table for each no that wrung from his mouth. “Not that boring shit, tell them about how you came up with the idea to create a compound to stop the coca from developing the cocaine.”
Audrianna took a deep breath and started, folding her arms once more.  “It was nine months since the meeting we had where the pope had intruded upon us. I was sitting in my home and you paid me an unexpected visit. You enquired on how far along I was in putting a plan to destroy the cocaine trade to paper. We had thought about drawing the cartels out into a real war where we would be given the opportunity to destroy them without having to explain our presence. Too many casualties. We spoke about secretly pulling out high profile heads in the various cartels, and manufacturing a quasi-piece around the world.”
“And I said won’t work, cocaine was still there. How long will that last? Minus ten seconds.” Manix interjected.
And then I said if only there was a way to destroy cocaine then the trade would simply implode on itself. Become non-existent even.”
“And I said too bad cocaine isn’t really a disease. Then we could simply find a way to diagnose its symptoms and come up with a cure. And that is what led to this marvellous wonder you see here. All the varying strains of the Erythroxylaceae, the cocaine plant that cannot, and will not ever be able to be used to manufacture cocaine. Ever.”
“Now.” He leaned back in his seat. “What pray tell is the reason for reconvening here. Three years ahead of our usual five year meeting. What is the cause for our meeting here today. You said it was urgent. Three years ahead of time.”
“Yes,” Audrianna picked up a small remote. “I requested an urgent meeting of the council three years in advance because we are unexpectedly three years ahead of schedule. She looked at one of the men dressed in black. He cut the lights in turn.
When Audrianna clicked the button on the remote a soft spinning hologram of the full body of the cocaine plant  appeared in the centre of the semi-circle board room table. Then the plant stopped spinning and a translucent skeletal form of the plant appeared before them. The three people who were the only ones who did not wear masks ooohed and ahhed at the amazing display.
Red dots and green dots appeared on the holographic map, along with lines that represented routes and varying episodes in a timeline.
“I had gotten to work in recruiting scientists to examine the cocaine plant molecule by molecule and we developed a skeleton of the plant never before created. With that we were able to develop a compound that would prevent the plant from creating the chemical compound that made it potent during the process of photosynthesis.
Number one clapped his hands together excitedly. “That we did.”
“The development of the compound took us approximately two years to develop. XZ10. We call it The Cure. In the mean time we used strategy to mould the world into the kind of world we needed in time to accept such a transition. A world without cocaine. By doing what we do best, initiating chaos and strife and in some circles order, so we can best manipulate the scheme of a world unable to attack our Cure. We worked behind the scenes to make cocaine more accessible to the white middle and upper classes so we can increase the relevancy of accepting The Cure into society; we encouraged the mass production of cocaine in North Korea so as to spread The Cure in large crops as with any other vaccine the plants need to be part of a cluster in order for the immunization to be 100. We ostracized scientists worldwide so their warnings and findings of the abnormalities of the cocaine once discovered would be disregarded. And our coup de force we put a puppet on the U.S. Presidency that knows no bounds to creating conflict and strife worldwide and forever keeps the world preoccupied and eyes off of the ball, all to manoeuvre the coming of our immunized coca plant. We even infected the beloved banana plants and other crops worldwide with fungi that would give us a theoretical approach to our scheme developing in the world in real time.”
A loud snoring sound came from Number one’s direction. His head leaned back against his chair comically. Then he made himself appear startled awake. “Yes-yes borrring.” He clapped his hands. “Chip-chip-chop-chop. Audrianna. Get to the end of it, remember you snooze you lose.” He pointed to his dead secretary’s body still spewing blood in the half circle of the desk they shared.
“Three years ago we started spreading the compound in every cocaine crop we could find, worldwide. We have spread it amongst humans too, we found a way to make it airborne. Thereby humans ourselves have become the unwitting transporter of XZ10.”
Number one slapped the desk, “I don’t believe you.”
Audrianna spread her arms wide and some of the men in black stepped forward with clear plastic spray bottles with a red liquid inside and sprayed it over the occupants at the table. On them shone blueish tint in the darkness. “This liquid is the only instrument that could be used to reveal the presence of the XZ10.” 
“Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has it. But it is not dangerous to us, we simply have the compound on us, we are the transporter. Not a carrier. This way all cocaine no matter how remote will become imbued by our cure.”
“Oohhh.” Number one clapped wholeheartedly. He looked at the others and everyone joined in.
Audrianna continued, “I was hoping that there would be more of a delay in the discoveries of the cocaine becoming less potent but we traced an email from a remote part of Hindustan that noticed the lower level of consistency in a batch of cocaine developed there. This after people couldn’t explain how come the potency levels in the cocaine had skyrocketed some years ago. They believe more testing should be done. And so we are working hard to cut off funding for that lab.”
“We have already made plans for the next five years in anticipation of the cocaine wars. When the fighting starts over the last miniscule piece of crack cocaine in this world and the collapse of whole industries and markets that depend on the cocaine trade. We aim to monopolise the future of this world without the cocaine.”
“It is only a matter of time before our vision becomes a reality. A world without cocaine.”
Following Number one, their figurehead, everyone joined in and started to clap. Applauding Audrianna’s performance. “And how should we level our little friends here.” Manix waved his hand to indicate the four green plants. “As a sound off to end our most productive meeting.”
Audrianna’s fingers graced the length of her roman sword. She sat back down and raised her right hand. She put her fingers in the form of a gun and moved them as though releasing a trigger. Then a flash of blue flame escaped the ends of her index and middle finger. The blue flames danced into the shape of a small horse. It galloped in mid-air towards the plants and the plants became engulfed in blue flame. At the same time lava bubbled and escaped the dirt at the base of the plants and filled the pot and the plants sunk into its depths.
The dramatic gasps at the untoward display of Audrianna’s raw power made everyone come to terms with the fact that the Chief of Security’s power was unmatched.
She then snapped her fingers and the men in black put back on the light. The two men and a woman of caucasian decent got up excitedly to rush over and shake her hand.
The dark haired woman embraced her wholeheartedly, “I hope you don’t mind my hugging you. I’m just so utterly and completely overwhelmed.” She shook her fist up against her chest.
The two men, one middle aged the other appearing to be ninety, shook her hand profusely. “I want you to know that we one hundred percent approve and just blown away of just how thorough and all-encompassing your plan seems to be.” The elderly gentleman said.
These aren’t sad tears.” The woman interjected. “I want you to know that I am so very, very, very happy. That our money can be donated to such a cause as this. I want you to know I’m overwhelmed. We all are. Could I please hug you just one more last and final time.”
Audrianna tipped her head sideways and nodded finally. And they all embraced her in an annoying, bearlike, awkward hug.
Number one theatrically cleared his throat. “Please sirs it is time. Can’t keep the pilot waiting. The jet is on the tarmac ready to take off. Lincoln you be sure to give our pope our regards and inform him of our success.”
The three rushed off to their seats and sat back down.
“Gentlemen.” Number One snapped his fingers and the men placed three wooden boxes in front of each of the maskless three. The three then opened their boxes.
“Now each of these instruments were held by many others before you and you are now a part of a legacy that is quite rare to be a part of now by all means: Have at it.”
They each reached into the box and pulled out small revolvers. The woman stuck the small weapon into her mouth and blew her brains out and her head bobbed forward. The two men chose to end their life by sticking the gun to the side of their heads and pulling the trigger.
Lincoln reached over and clasped her wrist again. This time she didn’t fling off his hand.
“Good show. Good Show.” Number One sighed fully satisfied. He looked at Audrianna shrewdly. “I just line them up and you keep knocking them out of the ball park huh Audrianna.”


Well, there you have it. Finally the main story is revealed. Somebody hand me a mimosa while I soak in the hot tub and take in all the quick diatribe that is going to follow a reveal like this.

The end of the cocaine trade? Like you could ever come up with a story like that.

How gimmicky? As if that is even possible.

Sounds stupid. And for a paranormal romance? No romance reader wants to read about anything like that. Romance readers only care about HEAs. They don’t want to read about anything they have to think about.

And my favourite, the cocaine trade has been around since the beginning of time, everybody around the world has tried to end it, what makes you think that you have the answer.

Well, let’s start with that last one. I have a theory about cocaine. I have for some time. But I didn’t know if I wanted to work on it in reality or put it in a book.

Then I thought about the time I used to watch the show Forensic Files on The Learning Channel when I was younger. I remember watching an episode where an FBI agent was questioning a middle school/ primary school boy about events that had happened to him that day going through what had taken place minute by minute in his investigation of a crime having taken place. I remember the CSIs pouring mould (dental stone) into the shoeprint in the dirt and I thought to myself “This would make a great TV show. Like an actual drama not just an informative programme on the learning channel.”

Then years later someone came up with CSI and that blew up and I thought “Damn. Did I miss my shot?” So I decided not to let another great idea just pop into my head and not do anything about it. And here I am once again, with a great idea for a story. Which, quite frankly, is one of many. And I’ve decided to introduce all of them in this series. Quite frankly. So the main storyline four books in, seven years later, is the end of the cocaine trade. And this is a story I have to own up to. Yeah, JR Ward’s story about the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Lessening Society is great, so is George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones incorporating zombies is awesome, but as soon as you come up with a story like that, a story that is supposed to end one of the greatest problems of humanity. I have to be careful my book doesn’t turn into another Live Aid concert. Who is erasing poverty? Why do I think I can give a definite blueprint for the destruction of the cocaine trade?

Yo, guys, chillax, it is a work of fiction after all. I’m a romance writer, I’m not here to solve the world’s problems.

But I think it took me this long to write it into the story because I didn’t want it to be gimmicky. I didn’t want to put this storyline in and let it not be about something. Like no explanation. No thought out process, and just have it there as click bait for my series. I wanted to put it in there at the best time and I think book 4 is the best time.

I’m also tying up some loose ends, writing myself out of some very tedious corners I’ve gotten myself into. Personally I would like nothing more that to leave questions hanging in the air for everything that happened in the story so far, like other writers have done to me in the past. But I thought why not close off some chapters, so to speak, I left open in the previous books in this series.

What is funny though is that this kind of vaguely explains what is taking place in the story. I like how I manipulated the story though and made everyone believe that the company was a front for a narco industry. Yeah, ‘cause everyone is doing that, no one is thinking that a secret organisation would work hard to destroy cocaine. And once again, only I could think of this. Me and my twitchy little brain that can be bothered by the smallest littlest thing that no one else would pay attention to. 

Anyway time is of the essence here, I want to get to book five which I have already started and my goal is to release book 5 and 6 at the same time. Plus I had to send out the chapter to people I’m shopping around the TV Show and movie to and copyright and trademark never stopped anybody from stealing anyone else’s property. So as a preemptive strike I have to heavily establish this story in the mainstream as quickly as possible as being my idea and no one else’s. So if you see anyone else out there picking up with where this main story leads to just let them know that you know they stole it from me. Nobody else is writing about ending the cocaine trade but me. So let the ‘snark’ begin.

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