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"Viktor Maxckmillian is a man on a deadly mission: to find his dear wife, Audrianna, who has been kidnapped. For this he has turned to his old pack for help; the werewolves that Viktor has long cut off all ties.

However, Xin, Leader of the pack, is not impressed with Viktor’s comeuppance. He knows that when the shit hits the fan - they all come crawling back to Daddy. .."

Blurb, Do Or Die by E.R. Baine

Sunday, October 9, 2016

What's in a name?

Well...this is gonna be the next cover for the box set:
I know, I have to make the background lighter and the words in the foreground have to have a drop shadow but I'm just too beat to go any further with this. Most likely this cover might get 3 more before it is done for sure.

Anyway,...what is in a name? I laughed really hard when I saw this on Amazon:

I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. Then I laughed some more. The lead characters in this book are called Audrey and Viktor. Just thought seeing it was too rare...

But then I realized I did not give info on the character names, which is what I thought I would do when I first started to write my story. 

So...how did I come up with the characters names?

Audrianna. Well, my grandmother's first name is Audrianna. Her maiden name was Whiltshire. And so that is the protagonist's name right off the bat. My Granny's real name. Everyone used to call her Audrey. Hence Audrianna's nick name. Audrey/ Audrianna, Whiltshire.

Viktor.Now, my grandfather's name is Edward. I really wanted to name the main male lead Edward and was researching what Edward could be in russian. But I hesitated to name Audrianna, the character in the series, husband Edward. On account of the lead of the twilight series being so popular and being named Edward. I sort of didn't want people to think that I took the name from another famous author. So I named Audrianna's love interest Viktor, cause I always loved the name Victor, and I had read a story years ago about a Russian Prince named Viktor and the name just stuck in my head. So I named the character Viktor. Now there are a million and one books about Russian Billionaires called Viktor these days.

Maxckmillian...hmm. The surname Maxckmillian is the correct surname. I know it is usually Maximilian...but I made up the name Maxckmillian. It is pronounced Max - SSSk-millian, I did that because there is an underlying theme of corporate dominance in the series, and many of my novels do, to tell you the truth, and the idea of Max-is-scum ie Max-x-ck(ssk)-um came to mind and I just rolled with it. Have zero clue if this is a real Russian name or not. I'm going to start a running gag about the name in the series in the next arc.

Lincoln. I am a huge fan of Abraham Lincoln and own a book of his writings. And so named Lincoln after him. Lincoln is very tall like Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln's last name is Huntington. I just loved the name, and so I named him that. I think it came out of nowhere, and somewhere. I really came up with his name nearly 15 years ago. I liked the name Hunt, because he is sort of a hunter, at least that was going to be his background. (Long story) But I was quite aware that Ethan Hunt was already taken. 

My book to come up with names for my characters is this one right here: Virgin's The New Book of Baby Names by Emily Wood, 2000 Ed.

 So I look up names that I like and decide based on the meaning. Sometimes though I do get lazy. I'm not as thoughtful with my names like I used to be...

Taken from page 289,

Rees: Along with its other vaiations including Reece, this is a form of the Welsh name Rhys, meaning 'ardour'. At the end of the twentieth century, Reece was among the most popular names given to boys. 

And right above that is this name right here:

Rayner: Originally a surname based on the words meaining 'advice' and 'army'.

So, there you go. Rees and Rayner. 

Though I think it is highly appropriate since Rayner gives Lincoln such a hard time over Rees.

Quincy got his name for Quincy Jones. I always admired Quincy Jones because like a-million-and-one kids and he is on good terms with all of them. He puts many dead beat dads out there to shame. Quincy is kind of like the eye in the middle of the Audrianna and Rayner storm. He is the reasoning, mindful soul caught in between his brother and sister who are always at each other's throats. 

MatsenĂªste King: The twist here is that I'm pretty sure Matseneste actually means Kingfisher, so it is King twice. I could tell you why I did that but...no spoilers. His nick is Mat, not meant to be Matt. 
The reason why I say 'pretty sure' and not absolutely is because the website that once showed the meaning of theseNative American names is no longer up. I can't find it anywhere so I hope I do right by his tribe. ><'

Xin Xing: Alright there are a million and one grocery stores, Chinese food restaurants in my country Trinidad and Tobago named Xin Xing. This name is a shout-out to that reality. Have no clue if it is means anything at all. 
Update on the rest of names coming soon...

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Someone posted my latest book cover to this site: http://lousybookcovers.com/?p=739576

So basically what they are saying is that the cover I worked on the least made the cut! You know I felt for sure that one of the many covers I had done for And The Heart Grows Fonder would find its way onto that lamo website. But it took the book that I put the least bit of effort into to get me there.

Is this like the razzies? Have I reached Halle Berry status? Is there an awards ceremony that goes with this prestigious prize? What I don't get is why are they picking on the bear? It is my choice in fonts that is most questionable.

Anyway, these people and these types of websites aren't relevant anymore. They are a throwback to the time when Publishers were trying to figure out a way to craftily belittle indie writers publicly without being too obvi. But they only come off as pathetic like the people who troll twitter and facebook to mock pregnant women for being fat. Studies also show that the public is interested in positive norms, not sites that offer controversy in mocking the best effort of people putting their best foot forward on their own terms.

So I guess I should dump on my web development and desktop graphics courses I did at Uni and revise the meaning of the color spectrum.Lousy book covers? Geewiz. >L<

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I feels so shady...R.I.P. Prince

I was really heartbroken to learn of Prince's death. Now like everyone else I'm just paying attention to all of his videos and interviews in earnest since he has passed away more than I have done in years.

But no matter what I can't escape the inevitability of such a pure and true influence in my life as Prince. He was the purest form and personality of an experimental artist that an artist could be. I feel as if a member of the community of experimental artists have passed away.

To be experimental in anything artistic, a person has to be willing to push the envelope. Disregard polite society, escape the normal and come to terms with the fact that whatever they create would be ridiculed and never become popular.

But Prince did with his experimentation with music the same as George Lucas did with film. He made his boundary crossing music famous, and by extension he became a legend.

I grew up on Prince's music at a time when music was in my bones. To this day, I still can't do without music. I have a special playlist that I listen to before I start to write. Back in the day I would listen to Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 and make mix tapes of the songs I loved on the countdown. I went to sleep with the radio on. Though I'm not a musician, music has really impacted on my life.

I was young for all Prince's hit songs. I loved and listened to Diamonds and Pearls, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, and wow - Batdance, I really, really loved Batdance. Thank you Prince for Batdance.

Prince embraced the role of experimentation with sexuality in his music in a way I could only dream of putting in my writing. He could have just produced songs that were sexual in nature and not perform them, which is sometimes a draw for people who are religious by nature. To be a true experimental artist whatever you do has to go beyond sexy. And he wrapped himself up in this cloak of sexy that only women would do and yet he still kept his manly visual essence. He was a sexy guy, period.

Prince was an artist ahead of his time, but born in the right era. His drama with Warner Brothers and writing Slave on his face, to adopting the symbol...he was a pure, no holds barred artistic genius. The world has lost an idol of a master of music. And it is just amazing that he kept his personality pure, in a world where there are so many people play-acting at being nice. He pushed the limits of generosity in so many unnecessary ways, you see it in the memories shared by other artists of their time spent in his presence, his friendship with Van Jones...

Prince's influence on me is right up there with the time when Madonna sang Like A Virgin and the catholic church spoke up against it. And when Murphy Brown became a single mother and the church spoke out against it. It is when I hear people who generally speak for the normal right, conservative side of society turn their nose up at great artistic vision that it generally molds my view of what experimentation should be and I will never forget Prince for his driving force in the artistic value that he has rendered upon this Earth.

Thank you Prince. May God Be With You.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Creating a page for #trinidadmurders

If you noticed my FB posts centered a lot on morbid posts about murders that take place in Trinidad and Tobago. Or like the locals call it TandT. I do it to bring awareness to the out of control murder rate in Trinidad and Tobago with the hope that it would register on the world's radar.

I decided to create a separate facebook page/ web page dedicated to listing the murders as they occur. I want to investigate facebook settings more before I start to do it.

Another promising life cut short by another Trinidad murderer making international headlines for the second time this year.

English Cricketer murdered in Trinidad.
It is really depressing having to mention the murders, especially since the subject matter of my books is soooo not serious. 

New And The Heart Grows Fonder Cover

I know I say this every time a do over a new cover, specifically for "And The Heart Grows Fonder", but you can stick a pin in this it is finally over. Period. Dundundunduuuuun! Behold the new, last and final cover for ATHGF!

The first cover I felt was too risque and said nothing really about the book. The second one didn't have the couple I usually use. The third one the bear didn't look like a bear. But this one looks mo' betta.

My job for now is keeping me back from writing like I'd like to, but it won't be long now till I can be home and writing as usual.

Really miss having my website.

Really miss having my website. Lost my hosting :( . But then I thought screw it I'll just operate with my blog. I feel my website though was more of my baby than even my books. I'm doing "freezone" work right now, which means long hrs and little pay. And I thought it would be too much of a hassle to work and maintain it at the same time, but I have had and  maintained my website longer than I even had this blog. Longer than Wordpress packages and it was do it yourself html. I know, totally archaic and I am totally old. People would visit my website and ask me to do a website for them when they saw it. I did the art on it myself. And I miss maintaining it even though I don't like spending time doing it...so I'm bringing it back at the end of May, thereabouts. Maybe by the end of this month. What can I say, I love the annoyance. Pray for me.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Totally crushing on KyloRen

I'm totally-madly-inlove-deeply with KyloRen. Not Driver, the actor who plays Kylo,(though he is pretty darn good lookin' himself) but the villainous character. I don't know what it is about the maniacal villain that keeps his cool and just erupts in a bizzare cray-cray way when he looses it that is sooooo darn attractive. But it gets me every single time.
Image result for kyloren:
 And annoyingly the KyloRen haters are out again. You know, just like you have those people that think they own the english language you'll have those fans that believe they have a right to rag on each and every Star Wars actor for their part. I realize that as a fan, I'll have to put up with it. It is still annoying to read. 

Anyway, lets get right too it. Well I loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Like a lot of critics, I was disappointed that it was basically the same thing as the beginning. As a writer, I am a staunch advocate of not giving the audience what it wants ><' don't let your goal of producing an HEA or crowd pleaser hamper your goal of becoming  the next Shakespeare. But, as a fan of the entire Star Wars Universe, I loved it. It spoke to me. There was so much visual referencing to the original star wars in SWTFA that the they might as well be considered phallic - as a huge SWFan everytime one came up on screen I would swear JJ was trying to seduce me. 

I'm refering to the use of all visual landscapes from Star Wars A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi being crammed into The Force Awakens, the scene where KyloRen comes across Rey in the forest when he went to find her and the droid being much like Luke fighting off Darth Vader in his day dream when he trained with Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back. Multiple forceful uses of Jedi mind tricks...Kylo Ren's stopping the blaster fire in mid-air at the opening of TFA being used as a cinematic exclamation mark at the beginning of the film...and of course Rey manipulating Daniel Craig in the stormtrooper when she got captured by Kylo Ren. Yep! He's in there. 

Some people are ganging up on Kylo Ren for some issue with overacting. If you asked me actors that have to play the Jedi role in general don't have it easy. As an actor you have to convey emotion with one look, then as a Jedi, you have to keep in mind that a Jedi is not supposed to be ruled by their emotions. I remember with SW: Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith thinking: boy Hayden Christensen had it real hard. It was like he was showing emotion, and in the same breath, trying to hold back at the same time. And in reality, that is all that lies in the inner workings of a Sith. At the same time, Ewan McGregor deftly showed no emotion. Which is how it should be.

I think Driver did a great job in portraying this odd dynamic of being a figure that is supposed to be able to curb his emotions, but as we can see, has not been able to. Unlike Darth Vader, Kylo Ren is a sociopath that can barely control his temper. We see this when he pulls out his lightsaber and totally shredds the chair with the restraints when he walks in and realizes that Rey had escaped. Compare that to the scene at the end of The Empire Strikes Back when Vader acts really calm when Luke is jettisoned away in the Millenium Falcon, and Vader realizes that his son has escaped. Everyone thought that he would explode with anger, but he just calmly walked away. I thought that was such a cool scene.

I'm also impressed that Driver lost weight for the part, and that the makeup made him look really pretty, and young. It was a shock to learn that the man behind the mask was a normal looking guy. Unlike Darth Vader, whose malformity became increasingly obvious with each film. 

Who is Rey? If I could take a guess, it is probably Luke's daughter. Yeah, I know, shippers may be linking Rey to Wan Kinobi and you'll probably see #RenRey romance fiction popping up on the net soon, if you haven't already. IMO, Rey will eventually turn out to be related to KyloRen, just a hunch since The Force Awakens seems to want to stick with the originaly ideologies that manifested in the original films. George Lucas always said he wanted to keep the films about a father and son story. And they did that in The Force Awakens when they made...
Okay Stop Reading A Real Spoiler Coming Up Here Folks!
...Kylo Ren Han Solo's son. Since they also cultivated a big reveal like Kylo murdering Han Solo, then they will probably keep the misdirection incestuous relationship going like what took place with Leia turning out to be Luke's sister. But they might still, of course, lead up to that, and then turn the tables on us mere fans and make Kylo and Rey unrelated, turn Kylo into a Snape character

Nobody expected Han Solo to be a major character - NOBODY!  

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