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"Viktor Maxckmillian is a man on a deadly mission: to find his dear wife, Audrianna, who has been kidnapped. For this he has turned to his old pack for help; the werewolves that Viktor has long cut off all ties.

However, Xin, Leader of the pack, is not impressed with Viktor’s comeuppance. He knows that when the shit hits the fan - they all come crawling back to Daddy. .."

Blurb, Do Or Die by E.R. Baine

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Well...I guess the jig is up! Answering reviewers questions Pt. 1

Reviewer's Questions Answered
Question from Reviewer:
Thank you so much for the opportunity to read your book. Here is my review of the first one. Just finished reading Do or Die. The book was good, but could be so much better. The book needs more of an intro into the life of Viktor and Audrianna. It jumps right in to the kidnapping without exploring the relationship or family dynamics or the reasons why anyone would want to kidnap her. While the prologue gives a sort of a glimps, it's not enough.
Also, I'm confused as to why it seems that nobody really likes each other. If Xin is her "Daddy" why would Viktor have to bribe him to rescue his daughter? And why does Viktor continuously threaten to harm his wife, but that's just supposed to be ok?

The reunion in the hospital was very hot and sexy. Excellent job on that (but confused about the servant forced to watch when Viktor is so possessive of his wife). There should have been more of that in the beginning to show the passion between Viktor and Audrianna.

ER Baine’s response:
Thanks for reviewing my novel. I know that the first title in the series cause people to be taken aback. The series is episodic in nature. For instance, in book 3 there is a scene where Kelly takes a call, he mentions an acquaintance that has not been introduced in the story yet, that person will come into play later in the story. I guess in the makeup of Viktor, and this is a point I was going to write about on my blog for my next and last book in the arc, is that I like villains as heroes. As the story moves along people will get to know more about the characters, and I plan to write books based on back stories of characters, for instance, there will be a story showcasing how Audrianna and Viktor first met.
In my author’s note in Do Or Die I have put this in at the end : Author’s Note
This is not a two people meeting for the first time and falling in love, coming of age story but an episodic paranormal/fantasy and romantic saga.
In that respect it is kind of like Chicagoland Vampire by Chloe Neill, or A Game Of Thrones (A Song Of Ice and Fire Series) only each of those books run on the equation of the Hero Myth, and will end with a task, and would continue on to the task in the next book. Mine is continuous in nature, but instead of really short stories like what are popular right now, mine run the length of a novel.
As you ask about beefing up the storyline, I used to run the sentence in bold above in my Author’s Note in bold as a disclaimer. I’m thinking of putting it back under a disclaimer section. It is not included in book 2 and book 3, but I will add it back to the series to make it clearer that it is a serialization, episodic in nature, and with a list of all the other books coming soon in the series.
So more info on the relationships of the guys, like Xin being seen as Audrianna’s “Daddy” and Viktor’s true intentions will be revealed later as the story progresses in later titles, and to clue you in now will be unnecessarily letting you in on the ”aha” moments. I guess at the end of the day the characters are going to have a make-up as compact and complex as Citizen Kane.
If you have ever seen the movie Citizen Kane, you know Kane used to collect statues. But why? Throughout the whole film you are wondering what does “Rosebud” mean, and you don’t find out about it until the end of the film. The series is like that; the reason behind her kidnapping is coming up in the story.
I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me again concerning the book.

Kazah! Take that corporate america!

On yahoo today there is an article referring to an employee that just quit Apple. And I got goosebumps because the same way this employee referred to the "real apple" is the same way I depict the machinations of what exactly goes on in Maxckcom (the fictional company where my characters work). I had a character term the dealings of the company as "Bastard Economics". My own made up term.


Personally, I believe that a lot of companies are like this. I don't believe it is exclusive to Apple. Some companies are just like this. It is because everyone is qualified for the same job basically. Everyone is replaceable. From managers to supervisors.  And I do believe this employee's account of it. I have worked in places like this before, and the toxic work environment is encouraged by the owners of the company. (I should say though I already don't like Apple because of their company philosophy. Don't get me started on that one. >:(  Read my tweets and you would know. This caused me to loose my page because I said they had been granted a patent they should never have. And I still believe so till this day.)

This is a link to the person's blog and full story:

Even though I know my work and I know that I'm incorporating textbook strategies in developing my story, still gives me goosebumps when what happens in my book happens to real people.

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