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"Viktor Maxckmillian is a man on a deadly mission: to find his dear wife, Audrianna, who has been kidnapped. For this he has turned to his old pack for help; the werewolves that Viktor has long cut off all ties.

However, Xin, Leader of the pack, is not impressed with Viktor’s comeuppance. He knows that when the shit hits the fan - they all come crawling back to Daddy. .."

Blurb, Do Or Die by E.R. Baine

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays! I'm back on #TheFlash bandwagon again! Whoo Hoo!

At the risk of coming off way foodaisy I am now a serious Flash fanatic again. If you've read my tweets over the years you would know that I became really pissed with Warner Bros when they underhandedly, single-handedly dismantled the DC Universe to launch their DCNEW52 line. Yes, yes...we all know how much of a disadvantage they are now at, and can't keep up competing with Marvel.

If you ask me...DC is the one going through an infinite crisis of their own right now. Just look at those percentages.
You know what the funny thing is though, check out the total shipped...

More DC shipped out than Marvel, and even Image, whose market share is barely over 10%. Can't wait for the shareholders to take DC to task on that one.

Conspiracy Theory Alert: 
Suppose the person who suggested that DC Comics reinvent themselves by destroying their line of comics that had some serious decades of back-history was a Disney plant, knowing that Disney would one day want to buy DC Comics away from Warner Brothers. The mole talked the higher-ups into the stupid plan knowing full well that it would make DC Comics depreciate in value so when Disney is ready to buy it they could get is for less than half the price they paid for Star Wars. At least, that is my theory. I mean you buy books for access to fan loyalty and back history of the characters, what DC Comics did with DC52 still makes no sense to me...years later. And they are still in it. They haven't yet scrapped the idea... it boggles the mind. 

I digress...
I'm still a fan of DC and hoping that they will right themselves real soon. I have always remained true to my love of The Flash, just not the DC52 Flash. But admittedly I am a Wally West kind of gall. Barry Allen - not so goofy, I am taking a shinning to his personality. Can't help it...it's the TV series on the CW that has me mad crazy for the guy in the red suit again. All hail Geoff Johns (never believed a word that the WB studio leaked that he had anything to do with The Green Lantern Movie wreck).  Though I am normally not a fan of whacked out series adaptations that do not stick to the true, written version of the original printed book/ comic - I do love what they have done with #TheFlash.

I was way pissed when Dexter started airing on Showtime and it was not all together like the book. But I did eventually fall in love with the series. I love the rules the producers created for the TV Show universe:
1. No matter what no one is to find out that Dexter was a serial killer (they later broke their own rule).
2. Dexter could do no wrong.
It was brilliant.  

And I love how they have embraced the fact that they have to include romantic elements with the storyline. Long ago when it came to these series they would shun trying to lure women viewers and curry to fan-boy fervor. Not anymore.

And The Flash has everyone guessing who could be The Reverse Flash. And who is Dr. Wells. Everyone believes he is The Reverse Flash because of the outcome of episode 9. I don't think so. That could be too easy to believe. Remember there have been many different Flashes. Could he be Inertia? I think the storyline starts off after #flashpoint and the last #infinitecrisis. Could The Reverse Flash be stuck in that timeline and needs technology to get him back, and is really not Dr. Wells, but a future version of Thawne? Did the Reverse Flash actually save the earth after The Flash tried to save his mother and created a rupture in the Time Continuum in the process? Look guys there have been many versions of the Flash, and I'm busy deriving my own conclusions -  drawing on everything timeywimey I picked up as a fan of Dr. Who, Booster Gold, The Flash, Eureka and Uncanny X-Force to try and figure out what the writers of the TV series are up to.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

May God Have Mercy on Your Soul - Nielsen Ratings...NOT!


I can't express how deeply the Nielsen has pissed me off this time around. My one true comedic episodic muse has been thwarted by Nielsen, who I have despised for decades. No more buzzy Millennial awesomeness:

Watching Selfie made me reminisce about my first asian actor infatuation. Chow Yun-Fat.

Chow Yun-Fat images:  Chow Yun-Fat hottie alert.

Back in my day, I grew up in Trinidad and the National Library had just 2 computers and a very slow internet. I used to visit the library and look up all the information I could get on him. I was just like Yowza, Chow Yun-Fat please be mine? Infatuated.

I have hated Nielsen for years. Because of them TV shows that interest me don't get made. Black people don't get cast in TV shows, (I'm calling you out Friends and Seinfeld). The Nielsen ratings gave homage to TV Execs crappy belief system of what TV Viewers are interested of watching. Of course this means that minority TV viewing preferences fall by the wayside.

Here is how TV Execs think. Me: Black Woman => Want to watch Black Man on screen => the end. FULLSTOP. ROLL EYES. Yo, I don't get why anyone is so terribly shocked by the email leak of Sony Execs. TV and Movie Execs on a whole are disreputable, senseless jerks whose theories have been spread within their non-progressive television and big screen programming.

International community mostly racist...huh? ><, check it out here: Sony hacked emails about Denzel...Big Whup!
This is why there are no black people in Seinfeld or Friends. The prevailing belief in Hollywood, (also in Two and a Half Men, not just friends) is that certain people, mainly whites, in society don't come into contact with black people unless it is in the service industry. That is why you would see the odd black guy serving drinks at a bar, getting a car as a valet. But hardly ever a main character. They believe white people don't have many black friends. And a whole lot of ...say what? beliefs that real people who reside in the real world would not cater to. They cater to a mostly white audience, black people don't speak out about it too much, so they just go their way and typecast black women as either BAPS representatives or The Mad Black Woman type. (Yeah, I'm looking at you Dexter). Or black men as thugs.

We are seeing a change, but it is slow in coming. And lets face it...too little too late.

May you die a slow and horrible death Nielsen ratings. I hate you, I hate you so baaaad right now


Thank you Marvel for...The Flash!


I would just like to thank Marvel for upping their game and making those wusses at the WB finally give in and join the party. We are seeing a hailstorm of TV shows (and good quality, well written TV Shows I might add) based on DC Comic book characters.

                                         Three minute expert from Comicvine.com

If you've kept up with the online fodder on the comic book industry and their lack of On Screen invasion with their comic book content, they usually give some artsy-fartsy, bull crap rhetorical whine about how they can't create TV shows linking one character universe with another because of copyright issues, and screen adaptation problems and blah blah blah. But now that WB shareholders can look across the pond at Disney and their acquisitions such as Marvel and Star Wars and see how quickly they are churning out movies on their titles, and capitalizing on their success, the WB is giving us, long time fans what they want. Which is to binge watch TV shows based on the comic book characters that we love. And to die sweet deaths on angsty relationships.

I am totally crushing on The Flash right now that is airing on The CW. The best BWWM relationship on tv.

If you love interracial romance and are not watching The Flash because you are stuck on not giving comic book adaptations a chance you totally don't know what you are missing:
These are clips from episode 8 season 1 showing you just how awesome the love-love relationship between Barry and Iris is. 

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