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"Viktor Maxckmillian is a man on a deadly mission: to find his dear wife, Audrianna, who has been kidnapped. For this he has turned to his old pack for help; the werewolves that Viktor has long cut off all ties.

However, Xin, Leader of the pack, is not impressed with Viktor’s comeuppance. He knows that when the shit hits the fan - they all come crawling back to Daddy. .."

Blurb, Do Or Die by E.R. Baine

Friday, April 6, 2012

Welcome to the Danger Room!!

Welcome to the Danger room!!

Ooo la la!

     Ha Ha! The X-Club has been one of the more recent 'angstiest' Marvel comics to date! And thanks to Spurrier and Davidson we got what we were hoping for on the last page! So funny, don't they make an awesome couple!
     Reading this comic was like reading a shoujo novel where the couple finally get together in the last chapter of the final volume. If you love drama/action/romance you will love X-Club!
     An wowee 'looky' 'ere! Dude marvel giving away codes to access same day bought titles for free online with the hard copy purchase in the store! Who predicted this would happen,...hmmm, I wonder who that was...let me see...Oh yeah me- go figure T_T
     "The customer wants to read their comics, but not for 2.99 an issue or .99 an issue. Readers want access to an online digital reader for a low price each month,..." 
     Well we are finally getting it from Marvel. It became pretty obvious what the MnM (Mouse's Marvel aka  Disney) was up to with its recent Spider-man issues but it is still spectacular all the same. Now what I would like to see from DC is to step up. I'd like to load google and find a button right next to scholar that says DC
Comics Library on it. That would be awesome. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah in a perfect world.
     DC is going to try to maintain its spectacular momentum with its second launching of the new 52s in the next two months. If I were Marvel about two issues after that, like at issue number 2 of DC's newer six titles releases I would launch AvX across the board on every single title, linking each one. For a hot gimmick if something happens in one comic I would write "see issue number xx" for another comic being released the same month. So you can continue reading the same story for the whole month once you purchase all the select comics. They seemed to do this with last weeks releases that sported the rift between Scarlet Witch and Vision (yes, more shoujo heart pumping drama, seriously I don't know why Marvel doesn't market more directly to female audiences, especially with all this drama surrounding Hope coming up).

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