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"Viktor Maxckmillian is a man on a deadly mission: to find his dear wife, Audrianna, who has been kidnapped. For this he has turned to his old pack for help; the werewolves that Viktor has long cut off all ties.

However, Xin, Leader of the pack, is not impressed with Viktor’s comeuppance. He knows that when the shit hits the fan - they all come crawling back to Daddy. .."

Blurb, Do Or Die by E.R. Baine

Pelham and Strutt

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Okaaay...so...the fact that she is married to the President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS - The Les Moonves, has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she got a head start in good old Hollywood and three shows on the same network. In the span of what, less than 5 years? It is all in the eyes people. Yeah, right. Can you say nepotism anyone??


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